Online GDPR Training

Start date: 28/08/2020

Duration: Self-Paced Online Learning

Location: Online

Cost: €40 Member; €80 Non Member (per person) - Over 50% Skillnet COVID-19 Response Funding applied

Places Remaining: 10

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Programme overview

Online GDPR Staff Awareness & Compliance

Please note: 50% Funding extends to bookings made before the end June only

The GDPR Pass Programme is aimed at raising and demonstrating awareness of GDPR amongst all staff. It is typically aimed at organisations that need to train 100+ staff quickly and cost effectively on the background and responsibilities of GDPR, the requirements related to data privacy and governance, and the implications for day-to-day business activities. The courseware is delivered online and the content is non-sector-specific and suitable for all staff and skill levels


  • Cost-effective & streamlined training
  • Online-learning approach is flexible and minimises disruption to work schedules and priorities
  • Low IT and training administration with seamless integration with other technology and platforms
  • Reporting and ‘digital badge’ awards demonstrate and promote GDPR-awareness across the organisation

Next Steps

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To discuss corporate and enterprise bulk licensing of GDPR Pass; or personalisation, customisation and strategic alignment of this courseware, please contact us at